MTG is introducing a new option of lower wing shroud for its MTG SYSTEMS / PROMET product family that incorporates a 100 mm longer upper part. The new version is ready to be ordered and equipped in TERRA cast lips size 7 that is suitable for mining excavators of 650 – 1.000 tons.

The new lower wing shroud option 4MY7CLT-2 with extended upper part covers the front part of the cast lip’s welding seam. This has the benefit of providing an additional protection to the welding seam increasing the structural integrity of the bucket while also decreasing the need for maintenance. This applies especially to heavy mining applications in highly abrasive terrains such as iron ore and copper ore mines.

With the two lower wing shroud options, customers have the choice to select depending on their mining applications: While the existing option 4MY7CLT ends directly at the cast lip’s welding seam to offer a better visual control of possible wear appearances, the new option 4MY7CLT-2 provides a better protection of the welding seam against external influences such as impacts and abrasion.

Both lower wing shrouds use the same hammerless PROMET III locking, are compatible with the GET DETECTION system and are even interchangeable between each other. ​Only the position of the upper wing shroud needs to be considered as it varies due to the different heights of the lower wing shroud.​

Now available for orders!

The new PROMET lower wing shroud is available and can be ordered through MTG’s customer service team. In addition, our technical service team will be happy to assist you with the optimal GET choice and cast lip configuration based on your specific digging conditions.

Product Family Size Reference Description Weight
MTG SYSTEMS / PROMET 7 4MY7CLT Existing Lower Wing Shroud for TERRA Cast Lips 149,5 kg / 329.6 lbs
4MY7CLT-2 New Lower Wing Shroud for TERRA Cast Lips with 100 mm longer upper part 164 kg / 361.6 lbs
2MY5/7CLT PROMET III Locking for Lower CLT Wing Shroud 2,2 kg / 4.85 lbs
T1MY150WB-2 PROMET III Weld-on base for Lower CLT Wing Shroud 2,38 kg / 5.25 lbs

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