Introduction into MTG
Sustainability Plan

Since its beginnings, MTG has always been committed to environmental protection and energy efficiency, as evidenced by holding an ISO 14001 certification since 1999, the annual results of energy audits and the efficiency indexes already achieved in comparison with the "Best Available Techniques Reference Document" of foundries in Europe.

In 2021 MTG initiated the Paris Agreement adherence program on climate change, to accompany our customers and end users in minimizing their carbon footprint.

MTG is now developing a Sustainability Plan taking a leap forward in its commitment to action and transparency, which periodically will be communicating objectives and the progress made, in order to share our achievements with the different stakeholders.

In this context, we present you our Product Environmental Report which offers you an overview of our holistic product environmental lifecycle, a sustainable double circle for every stage of our products, aligned with a circular economy model of production and consumption.

Source Materials

Our products are 100% steel. MTG steel basically is an alloy of iron and carbon containing less than 0,4% carbon.

Iron is the 4th most common element in the Earth’s crust after oxygen, silicon and aluminum. In MTG steels, iron comes from scrap.

100% Recycled

Our scrap is a 100% recycled and clean material coming from the automotive sector and represents more than 95% in our composition. Other materials like aluminium and nickel could come also from recycled sources.

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MTG products are made in our own foundry according to the European manufacturing standards in terms of health, safety and environment. BREF ratios in MTG are among the best in the sector.

  • An electric arc furnace can be charged with 100% steel scrap.
  • To produce one ton of steel we only need 500 KWh.
  • 65,2% of the consumed electricity comes from clean sources.
  • Management regulation system for electricity consumption controls the parameters in the installation.
  • Direct CO2 emissions in our electric arc furnace are mainly associated with the consumption of the carbon electrodes and has a negligible value, that in MTG represents less than 1% of our scope 1.

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Pack & Ship

We have eliminated 100% of plastic use in our packaging, which can be fully recycled avoiding waste generation.

Materials such as wood and carton are used to handle our parts.

  • Nearly 100% of the carton used is recycled.
  • Pallets are 100% made of recycled wood.
  • The wood used for the rest of the packaging comes from responsibly managed forests which ensure working forests are able to regrow and continue to clean our air and purify our water.

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MTG high-quality ground engaging tools for earth-moving machinery are designed and manufactured to provide our end users with the utmost performance, increasing its operation efficiency in up to 25%.

Each application and site conditions in Mining, Construction and Dredging operations require specific G.E.T. solutions to ensure safety, reliability and durability. To that end, both Product Engineering and Product Manufacturing are a key factor.

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All our worn parts are 100% recyclable with non-hazardous waste.

  • Our waste is steel.
  • One step further in circular economy.

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Product Environmental Report

Download the full report to get all the details about MTG Sustainability plan.

Product Environmental Report 2024

QHSE Policy

MTG is also committed to quality, health, safety and the environment through a constant improvement of the effectiveness of our Integrated Management System.

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