Lip Shrouds for Cast Lips
& Plate Lips

Lip protection solutions based on durable lip shroud in combination with a reliable hammerless locking.


For Cast Lips

Lip shrouds especially designed for CAST LIPS / TERRA available as standard or penetration wear package


For Plate lips

Shrouds available for straight, delta and semi delta lips.

Lip Shroud Lockings

PROMET III is an innovative, hammerless locking that offers greater reliability as well as quick and safe replacements. It consists of a locking assembly (mechanical block, retention plate and fixation bolt) and a weld-on base. This facilitates the first time installation and future replacements by having an easy access from top.

A Wing Shroud for each application

Wing protection solutions for different applications with a reliable hammerless locking.


Wing Shroud (≥60 mm)

The extremely robust design with 70% wear ratio is ideal for heavy-duty applications and especially resistant in very abrasive soils.


Wing Shroud (≤60 mm)

Reversible wing shroud design with 70% wear ratio for standard application and for side wall thicknesses up to 60mm.

Wing Shroud Lockings

Quick and safe replacements through an innovative locking system that provides excellent retention.

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Dredgers Types

MTG provides solutions for dredging equipment. Select your dredger to find the best wear protection systems for your cutterhead, draghead or bucket.

Other Solutions for Dredgers

MTG offers a wide range of solutions. Select a product family to find out more details.

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MTG Sustainability Plan

This year MTG has initiated the Paris Agreement adherence program on climate change, to accompany our customers and end users in minimizing their carbon footprint.

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Increased production thanks to MTG solution combined with an excellent MTG service which allow us to meet the project deadlines.

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