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With a QR-code on every VEEMET tooth, all up-to-date product information is always and everywhere available at your fingertips. Simply scan the QR-code and access the product specific service materials about welding, assembly, etc.

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Whether you are working in highly abrasive terrains or require good penetration, we have the profile you need to ensure optimal performance and operating efficiency. Our self-sharpening tooth designs have the wear material just where it needs to be to extend the tooth's lifespan to the maximum.

Three new tooth designs complement the range of tooth designs: PENETRATION-ROCK (PR), EXTRA-VECTOR (EV) and ABRASION-VECTOR (AV).

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Dredgers Types

MTG provides solutions for dredging equipment. Select your dredger to find the best wear protection systems for your cutterhead, draghead or bucket.

MTG Solutions for Dredging

Innovative wear protection systems to enhance the productivity of your cutterheads, dragheads or buckets. Select a product family and learn more about our products.

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