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With a QR-code on every VEEMET ROPE SHOVEL tooth, all up-to-date information is always and everywhere available at your fingertips. Simply scan the QR-code and access the product specific service materials about welding, assembly, etc.


Compatible with GET DETECTION

VEEMET ROPE SHOVELS is ready to be equipped with MTG's GET DETECTION system. Real-time monitoring and immediate alarms in case of a GET detachment provide maximum safety, reduce unplanned downtime, and increase productivity.

Tooth Selector

A wide range of reliable tooth designs provide the perfect balance between penetration and resistance to abrasion for various Rope Shovel applications. Choose the most efficient tooth design for your specific digging conditions and terrain to optimize machine's performance and save costs.

Choose Your Adapter

MTG offers two adapter versions to answer the demand for different Rope Shovel applications: A heavy-duty (X) and a penetration adapter (P). Both adapters are available for WHISLER10*, WHISLER12* and Wide Radius (WR6 / BK600*) lip designs and can be used either with a conventional or hammerless locking.


Penetration Adapter (P)

The penetration adapter (P) is a versatile adapter option with an optimal balance between penetration and resistance.

Their wear-ratio is optimal to reduce weight and costs while increasing performance. This makes them suitable for Rope Shovel applications in low to medium abrasive terrains.

To protect against higher levels of abrasion and impacts, the adapter can also be equipped with a mechanical wear cap (MP / MX or M360X).


Heavy-duty Adapter (X)

The heavy-duty adapter is especially designed for tough digging conditions. A reinforced bottom leg provides additional wear material that increases the adapter’s resistance against higher levels of abrasion and maximizes the adapter’s wear life.

To add more protection against impacts, the heavy-duty adapter can be equipped with a mechanical wear cap (MP or MX).

Locking Solutions

Choose between a hammerless and conventional locking that come in 3-part sets consisting of a c-clamp, wedge and inverted wedge. Additional accessories include oversized wedges for deformed lips.

MTG SYSTEMS / STARMT ROPE SHOVELS - Ratchet Hammerless locking system

Hammerless Locking

The new Ratchet Hammerless (RH) locking for STARMET ROPE SHOVELS adapters allows safe and quick maintenance. All assembly and disassembly steps can safely be done from top, and an auto-tightening effect is eliminating maintenance for re-tightening.

MTG SYSTEMS / STARMET ROPE SHOVELS - Conventional Ratchet locking system

Conventional Locking

The conventional 3-part ratchet locking (CR) for STARMET ROPE SHOVELS adapters consists of a c-clamp, wedge and inverted wedge and is available for all types of adapters and lip designs.

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