MTG is introducing its first set of front shovel specific lip shrouds that will complement the MTG SYSTEMS / PROMET product family. The set consists of three new references for central as well as left and right delta positions with a spade angle of 11º: 4MX140C490FS-A (central), 4MX140L465FS-11A (left delta) and 4MX140R465FS-11A (right delta). These first references have been designed for a lip thickness of 140 mm which is suitable for mining plate lip excavators such as the PC4000 FS* with an operating weight of about 400 t.

The key benefit of these new lip shrouds is the optimized shape and wear material distribution. The digging dynamics of front shovels vary to the ones of backhoes and therefore have a different GET wear pattern. With more wear material aligned to the front part of the lower leg, the shrouds offer an optimized wear material ratio and durability for front shovel specific applications.

Apart from this specific difference, the basic features remain the same for all PROMET lip shrouds: The lower leg includes a wear indicator that warns when a replacement is needed and the upper leg with the locking base is compatible with the renowned PROMET III locking references.

Now available for orders!
The new set of PROMET front shovel lip shrouds is already available and can be ordered. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you and provide you with the latest information on stock availability and delivery times. 

Reference overview

Design Description Reference
C-FC Central lip shroud especially designed for front shovel applications. 4MX140C490FS-A
L-FS Left delta lip shroud especially designed for front shovel applications.


R-FS Right delta lip shroud especially designed for front shovel applications. 4MX140R465FS-11A

(*) METALOGENIA, S.A. is not the proprietor of the brands identified by an asterisk, and these are mentioned herein solely for the purposes of identifying the destination of the products, there is no existing link between the company and the legitimate proprietors of any such brands. 

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