“With MTG the changing of teeth is quicker and we have improved penetration and cost per ton”.

Haimerl GmbH


“Since we have been using MTG we have reduced the stoppage time of the machines and improved their productivity”.

1. The penetration features of the teeth and the blade shroud are excellent, as the teeth and blade shroud are self-sharpening. This means that on the front part the tooth does not act as a hammer or bowl, instead, unlike other teeth, it always maintains an arrow-like shape. This gives it a high grade of penetration, allowing it to enter the rock without any problems.

2. Since we have been using the MTG tooth system, for five or six years now I believe, we have not yet experienced any breakages nor have we lost any teeth or bucket wing shrouds. Everything has always stayed in its place, something which is of utmost importance because, if a tooth is lost, it ends up in the previously used machine, which is a crusher, which equates to a problem. Unlike the tooth system that we had previously, with this MTG System we have service times of between 40 and 60 hours longer.

3. It is an excellent system, always simple and safe. After removing the yellow plastic cap, you push the assembly tool down and the pin comes out. Our workers appreciate the ease with which the teeth can be changed, a process that can be performed without any problems.

4. Especially positive is the self-sharpening feature as it allows us to save a much greater amount of fuel. Before having to change the tooth, I can use it for much longer and penetrate the rock efficiently until the end.

5. The performance and service time, as I have already mentioned, has increased by some 40-60 hours.

6. Of course, a service time that lasts on average for some 50 hours longer allows us to save a complete set of teeth.


The client was looking for results regarding productivity and cost per ton. They had previously used wear parts of other brands and encountered breaks and high levels of wear on the GET. They have achieved the reliability that they were looking for with the MTG bucket protection systems.


Machine type:
81 t

MTG Systems

MTG Systems StarMet Teeth: MA120EX
MTG Systems StarMet Adapter: 1MA120WC90
MTG Systems StarMet Wear Cap: 4MA120M
MTG Systems StarMet Weldable Shroud: 4MA120HD-A
MTG Systems ProMet Wing Shroud: 4MYL50U1000
Roding, Bavaria
Impact level:
Abrasion level:
Konrad Haimerl

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