MTG is executing a 12.000.000 EUR investment in its foundry in Monzón, Spain, with the objectives of increasing production capacity, flexibility, digitalization, and energy-efficiency. The construction works will start once the administrative permits are granted and will be carried out within the next 3-4 years.

The entire project will finally increase total production capacity by 50% and foundry size by more than 30%. All our customers around the world, both in construction and mining, will benefit from this investment and it also underlines MTG’s commitment in the region of Huesca as well as strengthening our commitment towards high-quality made in the EU.

This investment is the response to MTG’s world-wide growth an increasing market demand and the need for a carbon-neutral footprint. All three motives will be considered in the large-scale investment plan. On the one hand, existing production facilities will be modernized by state-of-the-art machinery and digitalized processes to increase efficiency, speed, and competitiveness. Especially more energy-efficient installations will contribute to an overall carbon neutral footprint.On the other hand, new facilities will expand production capacity and capabilities that provide more manufacturing flexibility. This includes the moulding and casting sections to produce a wide range of either smaller construction sizes or big mining G.E.T. parts. Furthermore, extended recycling processes will drastically improve the foundry’s sand management to maximize reusability.

The regional government of Aragon declared the project as an investment of regional interest due to its special relevance for job creation and economic, social, and territorial development. In this sense, urgent administrative measures will take place to facilitate the start of construction works.

We are excited about this important step that will shape MTG’s future, and we will keep you up to date on any developments.

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