The new version of the MTG removal tool incorporates major design advances that deliver higher reliability, safety and functionality. The incorporation of all the new removal tools range will be done within the next months.

MTG presents a comprehensive upgrade of its removal tools that are used for MTG Systems product families with hammerless locking such as STARMET, STARMET ROPE SHOVELS, TWINMET, PROMET, RIPMET and Plus. The upgrade incorporates major design advances to further improve the quality, safety and ease of handling.

The key difference to the predecessor model is the single, solid forged piece of steel including the two square male fittings at the head end. This makes the entire tool more stable and robust against high torques and wear of the square key profiles. Additionally, the handling has been improved through a knurled grip surface and a longer tool length. While the knurled grip provides a better and secure grip, avoiding possible slipping and dropping even during damp weather conditions, the tool length increases the leverage and facilitates the torque transmission.

A new feature of the removal tool can be found at the lower end. Through the tapering end, the removal tool can also be used as a pry bar. This attribute can be helpful to apply extra momentum to remove the tooth from the adapter when fine material residues are sticking both parts together. In this case, no additional tool is needed.

Finally, the upgrade of the new removal tool version results in increased safety, durability and reliability improving the overall customer experience.

Fluent launch within the next months!
In total, there are four removal tool variants that will be replaced by the new tool version. The first new removal tool “3MT38-12” for sizes with square key size 3/8” and 1/2” is already available and can be ordered through MTG’s commercial team. The other tool variants with square key sizes from 1/2” to 1” will follow within the next months. Please feel free to contact us in case of questions.

Old Reference
New Reference
Description Size
3MTWIST M2 3MT38-12 Removal tool with 3/8”
and 1/2” square key
3/8” – 1/2”
3MTWIST X2 3MT12-34 Removal tool with 1/2”
and 3/4” square key
1/2” – 3/4”
3MT3/4-1 3MT34-1 Removal tool with 3/4”
and 1” square key
3/4” - 1”
3MJ 3MT1 Removal tool
with 1” square key

(*) METALOGENIA, S.A. is not the proprietor of the brands identified by an asterisk, and these are mentioned herein solely for the purposes of identifying the destination of the products, there is no existing link between the company and the legitimate proprietors of any such brands.

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