The locking system of ProMet III is common to the entire range of lip protectors, which include plate lips, cast lips and rope shovels.

Composed of a block, a plate and a bolt, the new locking assembly brings the following benefits to the system:

• Greater reliability against loss or fall in the most demanding uses, thanks to the replacement of the pin and retainer with a bolt and a plate that offer better performance.

• Reduction of replacement time, by minimizing the effects caused by compaction to the bolt, facilitating cleaning and subsequent handling.

• Increased safety because the bolt is handled from the top, improving its usability.

• Improved management by having unified all three components in a single part number.

ProMet III locking assembly for Cast Lips and Rope Shovels is compatible with previous weld-on bases. Below, we show the compatibility table between ProMet II and III for Plate Lips:


  Protectors Weld-on base
of ProMet II
Locking assembly
of ProMet II
Protectors Compatible Compatible
Weld-on base
of ProMet III
Compatible - Compatible
Locking assembly
of ProMet III
Compatible Incompatible* -


* If you have stock of weld-on bases of ProMet II (for Plate Lips), and want to change to the locking assembly of ProMet III, machining is required. If this is your case, please contact your Area Manager.

The new ProMet III bases have already been in supply for the last two months. Despite this, the ProMet II locking system will still be available during the next year.

Here we have the list of references and sizes already in stock:

Available for Size Part number Component
Plate Lip 70-90 2MX70-90-B Locking assembly
1MX70-90WB-B Weld-on base
100-140 2MX100-140-B Locking assembly
1MX100-140WB-B Weld-on base
Cast Lips Terra 5/7 2MX5/7CLT Locking assembly
T1MX5WBCL-2 Weld-on base
2MY5/7CLT Locking assembly
T1MY150WB-2 Weld-on base
Rope Shovels WR6 2MXWR6 Locking assembly
T1MXRS-WB-A Weld-on base


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