After a comprehensive test period with great results, the product line MTG SYSTEMS STARMET Rope Shovels now includes new HD (heavy duty) adapters that are specially designed for hard digging conditions. A reinforced bottom leg and two bridges increase the adapter’s reliability to withstand the toughest mining applications. The additional wear material at the lower part of the bottom leg increases wear life while the weldable bridges at the end of both legs prevent the adapter legs from opening under very high mechanical stress.

Once the bridges are welded onto the lip, MTG’s new HD adapters can be installed without additional assembly steps. Furthermore, the bridges are also compatible with all variants of standard adapters (STD) so that mining operators are still flexible to change the lip configuration depending on their specific demand.

In the same way as the standard MTG adapters for Rope Shovels, the HD version can be used with both conventional and hammerless locking and is compatible with the STARMET Rope Shovels tooth-adapter system (STARMET 500).

The range of HD adapters encompasses WHISLER 10* and WHISLER 12* lips (also include a nose inclination of 5º) as well as wide radius bucket design (WR6). With this wide product variety, MTG is one of the few players in the market to cover 90% of Rope Shovel bucket configurations. 

Now available for orders!

MTG already has the new HD adapters in stock available for orders (beyond those who already participated in the tests). For bigger demand of the following references, please contact MTG’s commercial team to consult for availability and lead time.

1MA500BK600X-0 Wide Radius 6" HD adapter (WR6) 443 kg / 975 lbs.
1MA500WH10X-0 Whisler 10” HD adapter (WH10) 381 kg / 828 lbs.
1MA500WH12X-0 Whisler 12” HD adapter (WH10) 414 kg / 911 lbs.
1MA500WH12X-5 Whisler 12” HD adapter (WH12)
with 5º nose inclination
415 kg / 913 lbs.

(*) METALOGENIA, S.A. is not the proprietor of the brands identified by an asterisk, and these are mentioned herein solely for the purposes of identifying the destination of the products, there is no existing link between the company and the legitimate proprietors of any such brands.


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