It comes in a series of 435 mm (17.13 in) wide central and lateral elements with a delta angle of 15˚. The existing PROMET loader lip shroud sizes 70, 75 and 100 will be complemented by this additional size 90. This expands our lip shroud size versatility as well as loader blade configuration possibilities.

With the optimally distributed wear material, the PROMET 90 is suitable for versatile loader applications in the construction and mining industry and is especially suitable for wheel loaders such as the CATERPILLAR CAT 933* or the KOMATSU WA 900*. It is compatible with both PROMET II and III locking and can be combined with the STARMET tooth system for a complete lip protection. Additionally, the lifting rings have been reinforced for safe transport and handling, which underlines MTG’s commitment to operational safety.

Now available for orders!
The serial production of the following PROMET lip shroud references will start very soon to build up stock inventory in our various warehouses. But orders can already be placed from now on through our commercial team.


Reference Description Size / Width
4MXL90C435-A PROMET 90 lip shroud central 90 / 435 mm
4MXL90L435-15A PROMET 90 lip shroud left side 90 / 435 mm
4MXL90R435-15A PROMET 90 lip shroud right side 90 / 435 mm

(*) METALOGENIA, S.A. is not the proprietor of the brands identified by an asterisk, and these are mentioned herein solely for the purposes of identifying the destination of the products, there is no existing link between the company and the legitimate proprietors of any such brands.


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