We have secured approval for the first references of the MTG Systems TwinMet Retrofit range, adaptable to S130 noses. This heavy mining product range allows for carrying out a first, quick conversion, without the need for welding noses.

It is an ideal opportunity for checking the unique properties of MTG Steels, as well as the benefits the teeth designs of the MTG Systems TwinMet family offer. In addition, they may be used as an intermediate step to set up a complete TwinMet system later.

The approved range includes intermediate adapters with nose for teeth sizes 4 or 6, standard or reinforced, in addition to solid teeth.

The recently-approved references are as follows:


Reference Description Size
5MT30-4 Intermediate STD octagonal adapter 30
5MT30-4X Intermediate HD octagonal adapter 30
5MT30-6 Intermediate 30-6 octagonal adapter 30
5MJ30-4 Intermediate STD square adapter 30
MT30U Octagonal solid tooth 30
MJ30U Square solid tooth 30

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