As a result of a long process of internal reflection in which shareholders, collaborators, clients and dealers alike have all had their say, we have created “the MTG way”, representing the essence of what we are made of, and this is reflected in the following five Corporate Values: “Challenge the present”, “Strive for excellence”, “Worthy of trust”, “Moved in passion”, and “Committed to results”.

The first Value, “Challenge the present” reflects our interest in finding new ways of moving our company forward by challenging the status quo while applying innovation and ongoing improvements at every level.

Our second Corporate Value, “Strive for excellence” compels us to apply our expert knowledge to any and all interaction with third parties, ensuring the impact of our work by providing the very best quality in everything we do.

At MTG, we believe trust to be the most important ingredient in any relationship, but that this trust cannot be built on promises, but by standing by our commitments and acting transparently, firmly and ethically under any and all circumstances. That is precisely the meaning of our third Value, “Worthy of trust”.

“Moved in passion”, our fourth Corporate Value, highlights the fact that MTG as a whole identifies with the mission, culture and objectives of the company’s business, and our ongoing hard work and commitment to make them a reality.

Lastly, the “Committed to results” Value shows us the way to meet with our obligations, maintain our growth and reach our business objectives: contributing towards the success of all our target groups (shareholders, collaborators, clients, suppliers, etc.) in order to contribute towards our own.

We hope to have had often shown that these are the values that really define us, that they represent what we are made of.

If you have not done so yet, please watch our video on the MTG Corporate Values. 


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