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Cookies Policy for Metalogenia, S.A. Websites and Appliactions

As with other websites, www.mtgcorp.com (hereon after "Web") uses a technology called "cookies", which allows for the collection of information about Web usage.

METALOGENIA, S.A. (hereon after "MTG") informs the user of the Web (hereon after, the "User") of the fact that they may use the cookies in their system provided that the User has given consent, except when cookies are necessary for browsing in the Web Site.

To this effect, MTG informs the User that using the different cookies through of the Web allows MTG to distinguish one User from another when they access the Web, helping improve usage experience as well as identifying problems in order to improve the Web. Additionally, in the event the User consents, MTG will use said cookies to compile more information about User preferences and customize the Web according to each User's individual interests.

1. Cookies

A cookie is a file which downloads to your system and whose finality is to store data which may be updated and recovered by the organization responsible for their installation. Unless the User configures their browser to disable cookies, MTG's system will use them on visiting of their Web.

2. Type of Cookies used by the Web

The Web uses the cookies described as follows:
  • Session cookies
    These are cookies which gather and store data only when the User accesses the Web and which allows for them to be identified on the Web in such a way that any change they carry out or data they introduce will be stored.
  • Analytic cookies
    These are those which, in conjunction with MTG server's registry files, allow for MTG to identify the number of people visiting the Web and which parts of said Web are more popular. Thanks to these, MTG has more information which may help them improve browsing, thus providing a better service for both users and clients. In short, these cookies allow for MTG to improve the use and experience of their Web.
The server's domain name which transmits and activates the automatic gathering procedures is mtgcorp.com, and their maximum validity period after a session is 2 years, after which the cookies are deleted.

3. Consent

In keeping with the information provided by the popup banner in our Web Site that appeared on your first visit, when browsing and continuing in our Web Site, we construe that you are consenting to the use of the aforementioned cookies and the conditions contained within this policy. Similarly, you will be offered the possibility of expressly accepting the cookies by clicking the “Accept” button in the popup banner.

4. Disabling and blocking Cookies

In any event, MTG informs the User that due to the fact that the cookies are not necessary for using the Web, they may block or deactivate them by activating the browser setting that rejects the installation of all or certain cookies. Almost all browsers allow for identifying the presence of cookies or to automatically reject them. If the User rejects them, they may continue to use the Web Site, although the use of some of the services might be limited, and therefore their Web experience less satisfactory.

5. Withdrawing consent

If the User wishes to withdraw consent in regard to the cookies policy at any time, they may delete the cookies stored in their machine through their Internet Browser's settings and configurations. For more information about deleting, disabling or blocking cookies, please visit: http://www.aboutcookies.org/

For more information about how to adjust cookie settings in the following browsers, please follow the correct link:
(i) Internet Explorer.
(ii) Safari.
(iii) Google Chrome.
(iv) Mozilla Firefox.
(v) Opera.
(vi) Android.
(vii) Windows Phone.
(viii) Blackberry.

Users may also use third party cookie-blocking tools that will allow for detecting cookies in any website and to manage their installation. You may download one in the following link: http://www.abine.com/dntdetail.php.

6. Changes in the policy of cookies

It is possible that MTG may update and/or adapt this Web Site's cookies policy, therefore MTG recommends the User reviews it every time they access the Web Site, with the objective of being correctly informed about how and what the cookies are used for.

MTG will notify Users about any changes in the cookies policy by means of a notification on the Web Site, and these will be applicable from the date of publication.
The cookies policy was updated for the last time in May 2018.

7. Contact

For any User queries, comments or suggestions about the cookies policy, please write an email to: [email protected]

8. Applicable law and jurisdiction in force

To all intents and purposes, this Cookies Policy is governed by Spanish law.

Without prejudice to any rights that might assist you as a consumer, for the purposes of any possible litigation deriving from the existence, access, usage or content of the Web Site, you hereby expressly waive any other jurisdiction that might apply and submit to the exclusive authority of the courts of Barcelona.