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Choosing the wrong tooth shape will cost you production. Whether you are working in highly abrasive terrains or require good penetration, we have the profile you need to ensure optimal performance and operating efficiency. Our self-sharpening tooth designs have the wear material just where it needs to be to extend the tooth's lifespan to the maximum.

STARMET Tooth Selector for Mining Excavators
4 MTG Systems StarMet Singapore D

Testimonial STARMET
dredging in stiff & hard clay

Since using MTG Systems StarMet teeth-adapter system the cutting process has been optimised, increasing savings and productivity.

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Dredgers Types

MTG provides solutions for dredging equipment. Select your dredger to find the best wear protection systems for your cutterhead, draghead or bucket.

Other Solutions for Dredgers

MTG offers a wide range of solutions. Select a product family to find out more details.

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WODA's (World Organization of Dredging Associations) World Dredging Congress and Exposition (WODCON) is held every three years by one of the WODA's sister associations WEDA, CEDA & EADA. Its 23rd...

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Boskalis equips its new dredger with MTG cutter-heads image

Компания Boskalis оборудует свой новый землесосный снаряд фрезерными головками MTG

После успешных испытаний фрезерных головок MTG, оснащенных системами MTG Systems DMet, Компания Boskalis доверила компании MTG разработку и изготовление фрезерных головок, которыми будет...

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  • дреджинг

MTG SYSTEMS / TWINMET for Grab Dredger bucket in Singapur

Increased production thanks to MTG solution combined with an excellent MTG service which allow us to meet the project deadlines.

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